Narrow Bathroom Is No Longer a Problem With Some of These Tips


The bathroom must be one room in the house that should be made as comfortable as possible. This is because you will feel comfortable in it with the right and proper decoration. Selection of existing furniture in the bathroom is also a part of arranging the bathroom to do well. One of the furniture that should be there is the Shower Benches. That way, then your comfort while in the bathroom will increase.

However, the problem is not all bathrooms are large. There are some bathrooms that only have a small size and are not comparable to their home. However, to make the bathroom feel comfortable even with a small size, then some of these ways you can try.

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1. Use wallpaper

The first tip is to choose the right type of wallpaper to put in your minimalist bathroom. Using wallpaper or paint that has a lot of mixed colors will make the room will look more narrow.
Therefore try to use only one paint color to make a spacious impression. Select also colors that can reflect light as well as green or white and avoid the use of dark colors like black in the bathroom.

2. The use of lights accessories

You can use a lamp shot that has a size large enough but not too dominate the room. This way can give a spacious impression on the ceiling of your bathroom.

3. the utilization of the room

Putting unneeded room decorations will make your bathroom narrower. Therefore, you should take advantage of unexpected places to be optimally utilized. For example, you can use a place under the sink as a place to store tissues or something else.

4. place various wall tools

The way to make the bathroom narrower feels wider is to use the wall to put the various equipment you have. You can put various items such as scissors, shaver, and the other on the wall part of bathroom

5. Selection of the right type of door

The selection of door type is one of the tricks to make the minimalist bathroom look more spacious. The way you can replace the door that opened directly with the sliding door like a traditional house of Japanese society.

With some of these tips, then you will be able to get a comfortable bathroom and in accordance with the needs and what you want. do not hesitate to ask the experts or just read the tips on the internet for a bathroom that comfortable you can get.