Here are Some Goods In Your Bathroom That Should Always Be Cleaned

Bathrooms must be part of the house that can not be separated from the comfort of the residents of the house. For that, then the comfort of the bathroom should always be considered so that you can linger in the room. One of the furniture that should be in the bathroom is Shower Benches. With this furniture, then you will get maximum comfort in the bathroom.

In addition, note also the cleanliness of the various furniture in the bathroom. Make sure that you have cleaned it regularly so you do not find any dirt and germs that stick there. Here are some items in the bathroom that you should always clean.

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1. Brush your teeth

Try to check if your family's toothbrush brush has bloomed? It's time Mama replaced it with a new brush even before the brush changed shape. As we know, the hair on the toothbrush is to clean all the dirt on our teeth. If not routinely replaced, germs and bacteria will gather on the toothbrush. At least replace the toothbrush with a new one every three months yes.

2. Comb hair

Do not think trivial hair combs from the outside look clean, but actually, dust, dirt, oil, and the rest of hair care products stick on your favorite comb. In order to keep optimum use, you also need to pay attention to cleanliness of the comb. How, pull any remaining hair, dust, and other dirt on the comb by washed clean using warm water and use a used toothbrush to brush the comb.
Make it clean, allow the comb to dry before re-use.

3. Toilet brush

Toilet brush into equipment in the bathroom that does the dirtiest work.
Once used up, soak the toilet brush in a bucket of hot water and a few drops of bleach clothes.
After an hour, remove and rinse with hot water.

4. Glass to store toothbrush

If you use a glass-shaped toothbrush, you need to pay attention to the place, yes.
When you see the glass filled with water, you should immediately clean the place by throwing water.
Clean with dishwasher soap, then dry.
Do not let the water be stored long in the glass, because if it is too long to let the water in it, the water will smell bad and will certainly contaminate the cleanliness of the toothbrush.

5. Shower puff

Body scrubbing while showering using shower puffs is the most powerful way of removing dirt from the skin.
Instead, replace the shower puff as often as possible. Shower puffs are a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and dead skin cells.