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 Use Some Tips To Make Your Bathroom Feel Comfortable

In a house, the bathroom would be an indispensable room. Thus, the presence of a comfortable bathroom would be part of the house to watch out for. To use a bathroom that is a comfort, then you can use the shower benches to be able to bathe comfortably and you feel like to linger there. That way, you will also feel the maximum comfort in the bathroom.

Gambar terkait

In addition to using Shower Benches, there are other ways to make your bathroom feel more comfortable, some of these tips you can try.

1. Take advantage of the small space

If you have a bathroom that is not spacious, storage solutions should be more creative. For example choose furniture that is multifunctional, like this mirror which behind it has a hidden rack, where you can organize all the items in it. Functional but very useful for tiny bathrooms.

2. Attach the basket on the bathroom wall

A simple idea to do, but very practical. You can hook some small baskets on the wall at strategic places. Well, then enter items such as makeup, hair accessories, shavers, and so on baskets that you can get with relatively low cost. Choose a basket with an attractive shape and beautiful motifs for your bathroom interior to be sweet.

3. multifunctional bathtub

If your bathroom area is not spacious, but you still want to have a bathtub, choose a bathtub with a model like this is very functional. At the bottom are many storage drawers and cabinets to 'hide' all the goods. So your bathroom will always be tidy and you still have plenty of free space to relax comfortably in your bathroom.

4. Use a variety of decorative shelves on the bathroom wall

Now there are so many who sell these boxes, which you can use as decoration and shelves for storing things in the bathroom. Place on the wall of several shelves with bright colors, thus making the bathroom decoration look brighter.

5. Put a unique hanger

This is the simplest and most economical organizational solution, placing unique hangers but not for hanging clothes. You can make it if you have lots of free time. Well, hangers like this have a function to hang a hair dryer, a small basket, mini towel or even other accessories.

With these five tips, then you will get a comfortable bathroom and you will feel like to linger there to relax.